About the Artist

2017 BFA Graduate from MICA. Experienced in various art mediums including paint, graphite, ink, charcoal, collage, and paper cutting.

Accumulation and process are key to my pattern-based work of marks and cut paper lines that by themselves are indistinguishable, yet in combination create a captivating image. Individual marks are repeated hundreds of times to highlight each one as a separate step taken towards the end product. Each pattern is unique because they are done by hand instead of digitally, so human error plays a large part in their creation. An active state of patience is also important because the patterns form from weeks of careful line drawing and measurements. Everything must be considered before performing an action or the entire design could be compromised.

My cut paper sculptures are made by painting a pattern on the surface and cutting another pattern into it. In some of the sculptures, collaboration and sound play important roles. A friend with synesthesia, meaning she sees colors from sound, listens to a song I choose and maps out the colors onto a file. I paint the patterns from the file onto the paper and cut patterns are made as a response to the painted ones. Chance enters the work when I drop the piece onto the floor, with the shape it takes being how it is hung. I emphasize fragility and ephemerality by how tenuously many pieces of the sculptures are attached. Additionally, the sculptures look different every time they are hung because their shape changes when moved to a different location. The final product is a monument to time and duration, yet it is fragile enough to break at any moment.


JGS Resume 2017